Sly Australia is starting to make its way around the social media circuits with being a chic, minimal and affordable home design company. With innovative, minimal designs mixed with art deco touches It's something that Works perfectly with my Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. I'm noticing that Sly Australia's pieces are being showcased in simple, minimal rooms of young creative professionals that have a passion for design and strong aesthetic direction.


I first saw these two prints on a home design instagram page and quickly did my research to hunt these pieces down. The two prints were exactly what I was looking for to complete my apartment back in New York and now my current studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click the photo to buy.

Finally, a simple piece that I cannot forget. These Art deco bamboo coasters are a great addition to my studio and my new home. They are precise and perfectly crafted for a home or work space that is design forward.

Visit SLY AUSTRALIA to discover a piece that will fit your space and bring modern simplicity into your life.